• Emily Scahill
    Our student staff have requested a Staff Savvy App.

    We realise this is a very big piece of work but they made some very good points as to why it would be better on a mobile phone to have an app rather than accessing it through a browser.

    These were:

    • It's quicker and easier to open an app on your phone than it is to search for and find the site in a browser on your phone
    • It's annoying to log in every time, particularly as every time they move away from the window even briefly it logs them out. Apps normally save log in details.
    • Phone push notifications that come from apps are very helpful. Things like "Availability due in 6 hours" or "shift due in 6 hours" would make a big difference to usability.
  • StaffSavvy Support
    Hi Emily,

    We agree to the principle of the app; quicker login, push notifications and easier calendar sync.

    This is something we're actively planning at the moment; it's a complex project as we need to ensure that our approach maintains all of the features in StaffSavvy. It also needs to let us keep up the current pace of new and improved features. Plus, as the app will have access to sensitive personal data, it must meet the highest security standards.

    It's not something we want to rush! The key requests in this list should be answered this year.

    Thanks for the request - it's great to be able to let everyone know the plans!

    - Andrew
  • Emily Scahill
    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the update. I'll pass this back to staff.

    When you say the key requests in this list should be answered this year, do you mean there will be a basic version of the app available or do you mean this should be available via the existing browser log in?

    Just want to make sure I'm relaying the correct info.

  • StaffSavvy Support
    Hi Emily,

    Sorry for the lack of reply on this; the app has not been forgotten however and I can now offer some more clarity!

    We're just wrapping up core development on the next release. This will then go into testing next week and will be available on test instances in June with a final launch date to be confirmed in July; it's a big update so needs the extra testing time.

    Once the current release is into testing, we'll be starting work on the app. After much discussion, research and review of current options, we'll be launching a Progressive Web App in the Autumn.

    Progressive Web Apps can be installed like normal apps, offer push notifications and can provide some functions offline. The major benefit over a "traditional app" is the development time and our ability to update the app as quickly as the web interface.

    Progressive Web Apps are not found in the app store but are simply installed on visiting the mobile version of the site.

    The app will be powered by a new refreshed design of the site too and will integrate push notifications from launch. We'll update you as more details are available!

    - Andrew
  • StaffSavvy Support
    Hi Emily,

    Just wanted to add an update to this; our PWA app is now complete and in testing. This will bring push notifications and an offline view to all Android devices, Windows devices and MacOS devices.

    iOS/iPadOS devices still do not currently support push notifications from this type of app so there will be a physical app available in the App Store within the next 8-10 weeks (pending approval by Apple).

    There will be no costs for using the push notifications and we'll be adding lots of options for users to set reminders and more in the near future.

    In addition to the app, we'll also allow staff to remember their details across multiple devices and manage these saved devices effectively. We'll also be encouraging multi-factor authentication to protect their accounts.

    Keep an eye out for the update emails which will show a lot more of the features coming soon!


  • StaffSavvy Support
    HI Emily,

    Just a quick update to confirm that the iOS app is now available within the App Store.

    - Andrew
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