• StaffSavvy Support
    Currently, paying staff for time they spend completing training needs to be completed as a manual time entry.

    We want to expand the time entry system to make it easiest and quicker to correctly pay staff for the hours they are completing training.

    The current plan is below:

    • Finance can set a training rate of pay for each role. This allows the system to automatically pay that rate of pay for training completed by that role.
    • Exams will have the option to pay for time spent; the role and venue (e.g. cost centre) can be set.
    • Time paid for completing an exam can be capped to prevent someone simply leaving the window option to be paid more
    • A minimum amount of time to pay can be set too, thus allowing time for staff to read additional documents offline or complete other offline tasks.
    • Training slides will have the same options as Exams
    • Training courses will have an option for the course leaders to quickly confirm the times staff attended for to have the time entries created automatically
    • Time entries for training will be labelled separately to allow for additional reporting later

    Are there any other features you'd like to see added as part of this feature?

    Let us know what you think so we can shape StaffSavvy together!
  • Emily Scahill
    Our Bars team are looking for the ability to pay staff for training that might not be attended in person. At the moment they're having difficulty with having to find a time each person isn't rotared in to work so they can add a time entry.
  • StaffSavvy Support
    Hi Emily, do they mean the training is an online course run through StaffSavvy or something else that is completely separate and they just want to add some extra time to the time sheet?

    I want to make sure we understand the use case here! The plans above will mean that any training that is an exam or course in StaffSavvy will be paid when the staff members complete it.

    If you can provide a bit more information then we can see if this could fall within that plan or need something slightly different.

  • Jordan
    Hi there

    The simplest way to put it is that we would like a feature which allows us to add time entries for multiple staff at once, without having to select a time. This is because we have staff that participate in training at different times (this training is not hosted on StaffSavvy).

    Whilst the Pay Item feature works for jobs/training that is carried out on a regular basis (e.g. paying a certain group of staff an extra 30 minutes a week for facilitating 1-2-1s), we can't add new Pay Items (and rates) for things that happen as a one off, so as far as I can tell the only way to pay people for something like this is to add an Unlisted Time Entry, but to find a time that doesn't clash with an existing time entry for any of those staff (which has proven difficult at times).

    I hope this makes sense?

  • StaffSavvy Support
    Hi Jordan,

    That does make sense, thanks!

    Automatically finding a space to pay staff for time spent outside of the system is complicated as it would need to take into account their specific contract lengths and restrictions in hours etc. For example, you wouldn't want the system to show them working 15 hours straight when actually the work was on a different day.

    Could this be archived with a special Training role that they can clock in remotely for? So the staff members can record their time themselves and this is approved by you in the normal way?

    This would mean they could accurately report their time for the day and hours they actually spent doing it?
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